Tiny Tim
1976, 1983

Bill: producer, arranger, musician

(L-R) Bill Steed, Tiny Tim, Bill Millay
photo: Paul Mahalek

When John and Paul appeared on The Tonight Show in 1968, one of the statements that caught my ear was in relation to why they were setting up Apple Corps: "so that talented people wouldn't need to go into someone's office on their knees...". Later on, these people (the ones with the offices) would be referred to as 'suits', or 'cheap guys, in cheap suits, with cigars'.

Bill Steed and I first met Tiny Tim in Chicago, 1976 (after his days with Reprise Records, Laugh-In, and the Tonight Show), and we had the chance to share some musical adventures with him. Unfortunately, Tiny's career seemed to be run (sidetracked) by 'suits'. A shame, for Tiny was an incredibly talented performer, a one-in-a-million character, and a good human being.

In 1983, Herbert 'Tiny Tim' Khaury and Bill Millay renewed their musical camaraderie with work on a 'techno' single that could have done well: "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" b/w "Don't You Want Me, Baby" (unreleased).

If you really want to understand Tiny Tim a bit more, look on YouTube for the network TV video of "Why", sung by Tiny Tim and his wife, Miss Vicky... you'll see the Tiny Tim that I knew.

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