Frankenstein and the
All-Star Monster Band

featuring the single "Midnight Movies"
Mystery Records / Sonnet Records(1984)

One of the most unusual records I've ever worked on... guided by the unusual talent of Kim Fowley. The cast of this all-star band included: Gilby Clark (Guns n Roses), David Carr (the Foundations), Arthur Barrow (Frank Zappa), Chris Darrow (Nitty Grity Dirt Band), Bob Mithoff (king of B-movie scores), Mark Buchholtz (RadioMusic), Harvey Kubernick (famed writer), Catherine di Amber (the New Runaways), Rich LaBonte (the NY Huns), Jonathan Daniel (Candy), and Rick Ferrante (aka Kyle Vincent). Not forgetting, of course Kim Fowley (producer, writer and lead singer) and Bill Millay (arranger, musician and lead singer).

FATASMB was the evolution of 'Monster Mash', just as 'Sgt Pepper' was the evolution of "Love Me Do".

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