Art, Mart, Bart & Fargo

Chicago rock band

A band from the Northside of Chicago. AMB&F made a quasi-legendary-record in 1966 ("You Told Me, You Lied"), and then some others in the following years. Somewhere along the line, they added me on saxophone (!), sitar (!!), guitar, bass and vocals. I wrote a lot of the songs; Don Melton did, too.

We never actually (officially) broke up. We were still recording (on an irregular basis) in December 1978, when I packed my bags for California. Jeff and Dave followed me a few years afterward (1984 and 1988).

Recently, I have been locating all possible masters, multitracks, etc to organize a "greatest" album. Some of this stuff is really, really good. On some tracks, you can hear "the Chicago sound" (whatever that is) and on some tracks you can hear that we were a band that was ready for the world to hear, not just Chicago. Without tooting my own saxophone, of course.

Here's who we were:
Dave Sean: guitar (1969-1976)
Jeff Charles: drums (1969-1978)
Bill Millay: guitar, bass, sitar, sax, keyboards, harmonica (1970-1978)
Don Melton: keyboards, bass, guitar, trumpet, harmonica (1972-1978)
Mick Rivera: bass (1966-1967; 1969-1972)
Bill Scheidt: organ, piano (1966-1967; 1969-1972)
Louis Garcia: guitar (1966-1967)
Rene: drums (1966-1967)
Mike Powers: guitar, bass (1973)
Wilbur Steed: bass, piano (1975-1978)

we all sang lead vocals, and Don, Wilbur and I also did some mighty fine harmonies. We played no live gigs after 1974; thus, Wilbur was studio-only.

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