The Huns

"Fun With The Huns" EP (1977)

L-R: Bill Steed, Bill Millay, Jeff Charles, Ken Harnish
(Paul Mahalek, AWOL from this photo, was integral to the group)
In the 1960s - 1970s - 1980s, there were many groups named "The Huns" (and also "Attila & the Huns"). There were 2 of them in Chicago alone; my friend Rich La Bonte was in another one, in New York.

Before the internet, all of these groups would have been unaware that someone else came up with "that great name". Also of note, in the 1987 film "Light Of Day" the fictional Patty and Joe Rasnick (played by Joan Jett and Michael J. Fox) have a band called "The Hunz".

For THIS Huns, read the page about The Boyz (the final Boyz sessions were released in 1977 under the name The Huns).

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