Norma Millay Ellis


In the summer of 1980, a poetry publication made a reference to my book, 'Spectacles & Mirrors'. Not long after, I received a two-minute telephone call from an older lady, asking for 'proof of who I was'; if Bill MIllay was my real name or if I was using a pseudonym. The woman identified herself as Norma Millay. Without saying that we were related, I told her that my family could be traced back to Kilkenny, Ireland. This seemed to be a sufficient answer, as she then abruptly thanked me for my time and said good-bye. Was this actually THE Norma Millay, the sister of Edna St Vincent (and keeper of her legacy)? I still wonder; I never heard from her again. Yeah, those were the days before caller ID, call return, et cetera.

Norma Millay, 1930
photo: library of congress

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