"Spectacles & Mirrors"
(1980) Pantamerican Press

This book has been compared to the Gutenberg Bible...

...because there are so few surviving copies..

Drive-Thru Absolution

There's exploration here,
There's fishing through the past, with spectacles and mirrors
Sifting through the pop-star poetry on a knife-edge
Where absolutes still clumsily shout for silence

Time ran out for Keats,
They're dead, as are the beats who stripped them clean
Four mad lads came, with tardis smiles and lyrical laments
For a world still working through it's taste for violence

Don't hang your fears on the one-time divine light
He shows you voodoo tricks to fool you, outright
Makes you duck and hide
Takes you for a ride
Takes you back to the stoned-age rainy days

Copyright 1980 by William Millay, published by St. John's Wood Music, all rights reserved

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