Los Angeles New Wave Band, 1980-1983

In Los Angeles 1980, when Mike Gallo left 20/20, he formed RadioMusic.

The first group of musicians to rehearse and record included (legendary) NZ singer Alastair Riddell and producer/keyboardist Joe Julian. Although the band wasn't finalised, Joe and Michael used this time to record some tracks.

When I joined a few weeks later (on vocals/bass), it was just Michael and Alastair remaining (with Joe on the sidelines, waiting to produce us). Within a few days we found keyboardist / synthesist Mark Buchholz, but then lost Alastair due to the US Government not renewing his visa.

We auditioned many people, and within 3 months found Steve Schiff, a great guitarist. Steve later worked with Nina Hagen and wrote "Don't You Forget About Me" (with Keith Forsey) for the film "The Breakfast Club".

The last piece of the puzzle was (temporarily) found in Glenn Doty, on vocals & guitar.
It was this lineup that played with U2 at their first LA gig (actually, it was in the Long Beach area). We all had a chance to hang out together, and then (over the next few years), we'd see them everytime they came to town.

I realize that this is starting to look like it will end up being an encyclopedia, so I'll cut to the chase.)

Glenn and Steve were wooed away to the UK by a singer (who shall remain nameless) telling tall tales about riches, free digs, and free studio time.

Mark needed some time off... but has remained a collaborator to this day.

We found another really great keyboardist (and great guy), Nigel Holton of Kent, UK.

We temporarily had some other people in the band.

We had a couple of record deals.

We recorded quite a few tracks.

I wrote a bunch of songs; some with Michael, some with Steve, Nigel and Mark (even after Mark left the band). Michael wrote a bunch of songs, too.

The band broke up after all the money was gone (not that there was all that much).

I've stayed on good terms with all of them (certainly the ones I mentioned).

And now, all these years later, it looks like a RadioMusic CD will finally be released. We shall see...

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