Fate Changers


Fate Changers (1993-current) is the group featuring myself and Jeff Charles (both of Art, Mart, Bart, & Fargo). We have recorded 3 albums; only one of these ("The Fiftieth") has ever been released, and it has been out of print for a few years. However, that agreement has recently expired, so I plan to re-release it in the near future, on our own label. The re-release will contain some bonus tracks.

The title "The Fiftieth" refers to a remark by Harry Nilsson. Keep your eyes on this site for details.

Group Members:
Bill Millay: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Sitar, Macintosh
Jeff Charles: Vocals, Drums

- and appearing at various times -
John Paniccia: Bass
Bill Steed: Bass, Vocals
John Taylor : Keyboards
Phil Holden: Guitar

"...one of only two groups, that actually sound like the Beatles" - Scott Ascot

To hear some samples of Fate Changers' music, go to the MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/fatechangers

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