Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup

co-writer of blues songs; bassist

May, 1967... the Summer Of Love. Arthur Crudup was 62; I was 16. We met through mutual friend Ed El, who was playing guitar with Arthur while he was in Chicago for a few weeks (recording for Delmark Records). I was already a prolific songwriter, and (with Eddie's prompting) I showed Arthur some blues numbers I had been writing. Arthur showed me how it was

really done, and a co-writing partnership was born.
photo: Jack Hues

As we became more of friends, Arthur told me I was one of only three people he had ever written a song with; the other two were Sonny Boy Williamson II (Rice Miller) and Elmore James, his buddies from Mississippi / Arkansas in the early 1950s.

Arthur passed away far too early; nowadays, he needn't have died. I kept in touch with his son Jonas until a few years back, when he, too, passed too soon. Jonas and I had always planned to get together and make a proper record of all those songs.

...the blues.

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